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Marketing strategy made easy. Bhavana is the one-stop shop that equips your business with the expert marketing team, knowledge, and tools to achieve incredible growth.

Many small businesses don’t have the time or expertise to successfully manage their digital marketing. Bhavana specializes in driving new traffic, leads, and revenue to your small business.



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Full Service Marketing

We will work with you to develop a personalized strategy that makes sense for your business. Our team focuses on conversion-driven marketing strategy that gives you measurable results.


Customer Centric, Results-Driven

We use smart, innovative strategies to find the right leads for your business, build marketing funnels that turn them into customers, and ensure better ROI for your campaigns.

Google and Facebook Advertising

Make your business stand out while driving more traffic and increasing customer engagement.


SEO and Content Marketing

Drive organic traffic and get found by potential customers.


Conversion Optimization

Maximize your conversion rates through continuous analysis and optimization strategies.


Bhavana specializes in driving new leads to your small business. We will work with you to discover the best strategies for expanding your online presence and growing your business through digital channels.


Paid Search

We create and optimize your Google Adwords campaigns, ad groups and keyword planning. We compare you to the competition and give insights into how to gain ranking and market share.




We dive deep into your organic search results looking to build more authority, optimize your site and find opportunities left uncovered. We will find new traffic sources and set you up for long-term success.


Social Media Ads

Are your social ads driving more customers and engagement? Are you using all the tools available to reach more audiences? Do you have proper tracking to know how effective your social ads are? Bhavana will make sure you are set up properly and ensure you’re running campaigns more effectively.


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We Create Digital Marketing Strategies Built to Scale



Understanding our clients, their circumstances, their business, and their space is key to the success of our campaigns early on. We make sure to ask all of the necessary questions and do the appropriate research before any ad money is spent.


Once we have a good grasp of your business and the surrounding space, we take that knowledge and build strategic campaigns that are primed for success. We create campaigns built with scale in mind too allow us to maximize campaigns that are doing well while giving us the ability to adjust for those that have room to grow.


Even with campaigns that exceed expectations there is always room for improvement. All campaigns are closely monitored on a regular basis to ensure that they are reaching their maximum potential. Your ads will always have a dedicated Bhavana account manager keeping a close eye on how things are performing and areas where they can be even better.

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