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Ever Wish You Could Target Your Exact Customer Demographic?


Facebook has an unparalleled ability to target based on interests and custom audiences. This allows you to laser focus on exactly who you want to reach.

We can target your potential customers by location, age, gender, education, work, income, interests, behaviors, connections as well as many other variables.

For companies who are trying to create and define their target audience, Facebook Ads can bring a huge amount of value.

We work with you to understand your business’s unique features and overall advertising goals, target the right audience through various proven methods, and consistently monitor and optimize our processes.

Discover how our agency and Facebook Ads can grow your online presence, increase your sales, and improve your customer loyalty by contacting. Fill out the form below to schedule a free consultation or reach us by phone to chat one-on-one.

Gone are the days of megaphone type marketing where 99% of those reached are uninterested in your business. Start reaching the audience that matters most to you today!


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Facebook Ads Are a Powerful Tool to Grow Your Business


If you don’t have a working Facebook Ads campaign (or if your campaign is seeing unimpressive results), you’re letting hundreds or thousands of leads get away.

With 3 billion monthly active users, advertising on Facebook is one of the most effective ways to acces a much wider, (yet micro-targeted) audience with very low advertising costs. 

Start seeing your business predictably grow and scale through Facebook Ads.




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Our Facebook Ads Strategy Includes:

  • Understanding key unique features of your business
  • Overall goal setting
  • Prior campaign analysis
  • Targeting the right audiences
  • Leveraging retargeting
  • Writing Facebook ad copy, headlines, descriptions etc.
  • Consistent evaluation and A/B testing
  • Ad variety testing – video ads, image ads, carousel ads, polls ads, lead ads, etc.
  • Consistent optimazation and regular reporting


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The targeting abilites of Facebook Ads are incredibly powerful. From targeting specific demographics, to previous website visitors, to those who have expressed interest in similar products and services. Start getting qualified leads today!


Your Questions, Answered


What is Facebook advertising?

Facebook makes it easy for your paid ads to communicate a unique message to the people that matter the most to you – your audience.

They are a targeted way of connecting with potential customers and your target audience through the Facebook platform. Social media advertising on this platform offers a variety of different ad formats and possible objectives from increasing leads, to traffic or engagement for your business.

You can create ads to target specific audiences based on specified demographics, behaviors, and interest-based data from Facebook’s user profiles. You can also target audiences based on past behaviors on your site (known as “custom audiences”) or based on similar traits called “lookalike audiences.”

Since people react more positively to relevant ads, advertising on Facebook is often an effective and lucrative way to promote your brand online.


Should I use Facebook advertising?

Working with Bhavana as your Facebook advertising agency is an excellent option if you’re looking to:

  • Grow brand awareness
  • Save time marketing your business on Facebook
  • Scale campaigns and get measurable results
  • Compete with competitors
  • Optimize ad clicks, spend and conversions
  • Create successful Facebook advertising campaigns

If you’re still not sure whether Facebook ad services are right for your business, reach out to us! Explain your goals and current strategies and we can provide advice on if investing in professional Facebook advertising packages makes sense for your business.


How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook?

The price of Facebook ads depends a lot on what you sell, what results you expect, and your budget. Ad costs also vary greatly by country, industry, target audience, placement and time of year.

That being said, Facebook advertising costs on average are around $.93 per click or $12.05 per 1000 impressions.


How long will it take to get results?

You can start seeing results within the first few hours of launching a campaign. On average, you can expect to see optimized results from our Facebook Ads Campaigns within the first three months. 

Looking for a more long-term strategy? Check out our St Paul SEO Services.


How do I advertise on Facebook?

To advertise your brand successfully with Facebook ads, you need to promote a product or service in a way that engages your target audience. Based on your offer, you select a campaign’s objective and a budget.

Then we define your target audience and your ad’s placements. Finally, we create your ads, and launch your campaign. Once your ads are approved they will be good to go.

The most important part of Facebook Ads is to create copy that resonate with the right people and keep users engaged with the platform. In other words, the better your ads generate likes, shares and comments, the higher their reach and the lower their costs.

That’s your ultimate goal with social media advertising, and that’s what we excel at.


Will you take a look at my account before I get started? 

We would be happy to perform an audit of your account free of charge to see if our services might work for you. We’re in the business of building value in any way we can. 


How do I get started?

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